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    Parent/Family Involvement Policy



    The faculty and staff of Wesson Attendance Center believe that a child’s education is an ongoing endeavor of educational responsibilities that is to be shared between the school and the family. To support the goals of the school in supplying a quality education that effectively meets the needs of all students, the school and parents must work together as knowledgeable partners.


    Although families are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they share the school’s commitment to the successful education of their children. Wesson Attendance Center, in collaboration with the parents, shall establish and develop programs and practices that enhance parental involvement and embrace the specific needs of students and families.


    Wesson Attendance Center will implement a parent involvement policy that will involve parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles.  The parent involvement plan will be comprehensive in nature and will include, but not limited to the following:


    ·         School faculty and staff support the development, implementation, and regular evaluation of a parent/family involvement plan


    ·         Parents serve on the School Improvement Team. (Meetings will be held on an ongoing basis to plan, review, and improve the school’s Parent Involvement Policy)


    ·         Promote regular, two-way, meaningful communication between home and school  (Examples:  school calendars, school handbooks,  student progress reports, parent-school compacts, report cards, and telephone calls)



    ·         Hold annual parent/teacher conferences.  (During this scheduled time, students do not attend school to allow for a greater flexibility in scheduling for working parents.)



    ·         Use available community resources to strengthen and promote school programs, family practices, and the achievement of students (Examples:

    utilize the knowledge and skills of senior citizens, retired teachers, and veterans; encourage education-friendly practices in local businesses; identify links to current, quality resources)


    ·         Promote and support responsible parenting  ( Parents are made aware of parenting and educational workshops as they become available through  The MS Forum on Children and Families)


    ·         Provision of access to and coordination of outreach agencies, in addition to community and support services for children and families




    School Policy (administrators, teachers, and staff)


    1. promote an inviting atmosphere for parents to feel accepted and to share in the responsibility for their child’s academic success;


    1. support the efforts of parents by providing flexibility in meeting/conference times;


    1. convene annual meetings to explain the school programs, policies, and plans;


    1. involve parents in planning and evaluation procedures;


    1. provide prompt, personal responses to parents’ requests and recommendations;


    1. strengthen the effectiveness of parents’ ability to work with their children at home by providing training and support;


    1. provide school performance profiles that clearly show parents the school’s progress toward meeting state standards;


    1. provide opportunities for parents to assist in the instructional process at school and at home;


    1. provide regular feedback to parents about their child’s progress in all educational programs;


    1. provide a description and explanation of the curriculum, assessment, and expected proficiency requirements;




    1. develop homework practices that foster successful learning experiences for parent and child;


    1. assess the professional development needs of staff members and provide training opportunities designed to strengthen staff involvement with parents;


    1. coordinate services with the school counselor, social services, and community agencies to address key family issues;


    1. develop a School-Parent Compact designed to outline the role of a parent, child, and school;


    1. work constructively with school level PTO to actively involve parents in their child’s school.



    School/Parent Involvement Policy Required Components


    A.     Wesson Attendance Center will take the following actions to involve 

    parents in the joint development of its school parental involvement plan:

    ·        Parent/Teacher Meetings

    ·        PTO Meetings

    ·        School Improvement Team


    B.     Wesson Attendance Center will convene an annual meeting to

    Inform parents of their school’s participation under this plan and the right of the parents to be involved.


    C.     Wesson Attendance Center will provide the following necessary

    coordination, technical assistance, and other support to assist in planning and implementing effective parental involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance:

    ·        Parent Education Night- Parents will be provided information about No Child Left Behind  and accountability

    ·        Assessment Review – Parents will be instructed using “parent friendly” terms on how to interpret state assessment scores

    ·        Parent Education and Family Support – Pamphlets will be made available from The Parent Institute which will provide strategies and suggestions in helping their child in multiple areas.  These are provided in English and Spanish. 



    D.     Wesson Attendance Center will provide parents of children who have been identified as ELL with the following via parent notification:


    ·        Provision of access regarding the child’s level of English


    ·        Methods of instructional support

    ·        Exit requirements

    ·        Parental rights


    E.      Wesson Attendance Center will solicit parental input on policies and

    procedures in place at the school through questionnaires, surveys, and/or interviews.


    F.      Wesson Attendance Center will provide access of the

    school’s performance score, performance label, and the level of achievement of their child’s state academic assessments via parent report card.


    G.     Wesson Attendance Center will inform parents in a timely manner if

    their child is assigned for four or more weeks to a teacher who is not highly qualified via parent notification letters.


    H.     Wesson Attendance Center will provide access to parents

    regarding teacher certification, qualification, and licensing criteria.


    I.         Wesson Attendance Center will take the following actions to ensure

    that Title I information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities, is sent to the parents of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including the native language. 

    Handbooks, Parent Orientation, Newsletters


    J.        Wesson Attendance Center will take the following actions to conduct

    an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of its existing parental involvement policy.  The evaluation will include identifying barriers that have discouraged or been a hindrance to parental involvement at WAC.  The school will use the findings of the evaluation to design strategies that will lead to a more productive collaboration between school and family in the areas of parental involvement.






    The Wesson Attendance Center’s Parental Involvement Policy was revised and agreed upon by members of the School Improvement Team on ________________________.