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    On Friday, May 4th, Wesson Attendance Center celebrated the 20+ ACT Club with an awards program and a very special lunch at Porches.  Mrs. Marilyn Phillips and Dr. Barbie Roberson started discussing the need to recognize academic achievement last school year.  At that time, the ACT club came to fruition.  During the 2016-2017 school year, student pictures were placed in the hall way based upon the category in which the student scores fell.  For a 20-24 the students receive Silver status, for a 25-29 the students earn Gold status, for a 30-34 the students were placed in the Platinum club, and the Diamond club has been reserved for the 35 and 36 scorers.  The Chamber of Commerce provided business addresses so that letters could be mailed out asking for sponsors during the 2017- 2018 school year to add to the program.  Once the checks were in, Mrs. Phillips and Dr. Barbie were able to make plans for a special recognition afternoon.  The money received afforded the school the opportunity to purchase t-shirts for the students to wear to an awards ceremony and out to lunch. During the awards program, Mrs. Phillips, Dr. Barbie and the two ACT prep teachers- Mr. Rod Martin and Mrs. Jackie Johnson encouraged students to reach for even higher scores.  Ms. Leah Greer, the Co-Lin recruiter and a former graduate of Wesson, spoke to the students about the importance of their score and what it will afford them as future college students.  Porches hosted a most beautiful atmosphere for the lunch event that followed while the students enjoyed poppy seed chicken, pineapple salad, and anything else from the menu.  A special thank you to Mrs. Lisa Smith for taking a group picture and capturing some very special moments during this afternoon celebration.  It was certainly a beautiful day to celebrate an amazing group of students. Businesses and groups that donated to make the event possible were Wesson PTO, Cop iah Lincoln Community College, Nena Smith School of Dance, Trustmark Bank, Shop and Wash, Steven & Sandra Liverman, Parker's Paint and Body Shop, and Porches.  Wesson Attendance Center recognizes that high achieving students return to their communities to bring advancements in business and industry.  They feel confident that this program will continue to flourish and that students will continue to be celebrated in our great town of Wesson.   

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